Places You Can Put Your Corrugated Plastic Signs


Corrugated plastic signs are a very versatile product. This is one of the many reasons that they are such a popular choice for signs across America.

They can be placed just about anywhere. Corrugated signs are a very rigid substrate. The material is also very light. This makes it an excellent choice for over head signage. Other interior uses include windows and walls. You can even place corrugated plastic signs on your counter or desk.

There are numerous clips and mounts you can use to hang this type of sign. There are clips for drop or grid ceilings, and suction cups with clips for windows. There are even frames you can install corrugated plastic signs in to give you a fresh new look.

You can hang them on ceilings, windows, balconies, and walls. You can place corrugated signs on sidewalks using one of the many different sidewalk stands available. You can also make A frames and place them on sidewalks without a stand corrugated plastic roll.

Of course the most common area corrugated signs are placed is in the grass. They are usually placed on a wire stand. However you can get more elaborate by using various hanging style stands. If you are looking for a little more permanent installation you can even install your corrugated plastic sign in a heavy duty steel frame.

They can be placed just about any where a sign is needed. Corrugated plastic signs are known for their value in all occasions. They are very regularly used in political campaigns, yard sales, for sale by owner situations, and any other occasion where an in expensive, yet durable sign is required.

You see corrugated plastic signs every day. They are the typical sign that is installed along road ways, in parking lots, and in yards.

Corrugated plastic signs are also an excellent option for announcing sales in your retail store. You can simply install them to the inside of your window facing outside. A large white sign with your text applied can be an excellent way to get your message out.

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