The Convenience and Protection of Different Pallet Wrapping Options


In any storage area, pallets ready for shipping need some type of protection from the elements. Pallets may contain goods that can readily deteriorate or would be subject to corrosion if not protecting from humidity and dampness. This is where a pallet wrapper serves as a mean of protection. The convenience of a pallet wrapper is how easily it can provide covering for most any products. In addition, wrappers make the contents of pallets secure when in transit. The material from which they are made is machined polypropylene stretch.

Wrap Systems  fhope
Most wraps for pallets are fed from wrapping systems with preset tension control and on/off brakes that offer full control of the wrap. For large pallet contents, they may be up to 78 inches in height and constructed from heavy grade structural steel. The frame is of the same steel quality. Some have rolling casters for greater mobility around a packing and shipping area. It’s important to note whether or not an anti-static stretch wrap is needed for wrap systems. These are used with products sensitive to static electricity such as flammable products, chemicals or electronic equipment or components.

Different Wraps For Different Needs

Pallet wrappers are also available in black stretch for concealing purposes. Blown wrapping is puncture resistant and available in a wide range of colors like red, green, clear, opaque white and blue. Most of these wraps provide maximum stretch for the best film usage that helps prevent friction buildup on the hands. These wraps come in varying lengths up to 1500 feet. It’s suggested that a stretch wrap cutter be used for precision cuts.

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