Famous Bollywood Actresses With Seductive Eyes


Eyes are thought to be the most delicate portion of the body and a woman’s eyes are believed to portray her elegance and beauty. A woman can kill a guy with her daring and adorable eyes. Bollywood actresses are famous for their lovely eyes and a lot of individuals frequently encounter the hypnotic and enticing waterfall of the eyes. Virtually all actresses in bollywood are blessed with beautiful eyes Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherjee, Madhuri Dixit and Kajol – to name a couple. Bollywood actresses play the expressions of the eyes to pull in the viewers. We will now have a peek at a few of the famous bollywood actresses that have enchanting eyes.

• Aishwarya Rai: She had been born on 1st November 1973 and in 1994 she won the Miss World pageant. She’s worked in blockbuster films like Jodhaa Akbar, Provoked and Guru. She had been honoured with Padma Shri and is among the top actresses of Hindi film. Her beautiful eyes have been counted among the very gorgeous eyes across the world. This cute blue eyed woman has countless fans not just in India but throughout the world Hina Khan Biography.

• Sridevi: A south Indian actress born on 13th august 1963 has won many hearts with her magnificent eyes at Bollywood. She makes these naughty expressions together with her eyes which audiences could not take their gaze from her. She gave her incredible performances in Chaalbaaz and Mr. India and has won Nandi Award for her acting. Her eyes are thought to be the sexiest in the Bollywood.

• Madhuri Dixit: This dance queen was created 15th May 1967, and is thought to be among the greatest actresses of Bollywood till date. She’s given many amorous strikes like Dil to pagal hai, Hum aapke hain kaun, Devdas and Saajan. She is able to make people dance to her expressions through her glistening eyes. Her lovers’ heartbeat can not quit beating quickly after appearing at her magnificent and broad eyes that has made her one of the very expressive divas of Bollywood.

• Rani Mukherjee: This Bengali beauty was created 21st march 1978. Her mesmerising eyes have shot her a long way when she talked through her eyes at the film Black, in which she performed a part of a deaf and blind woman. She seduces the whole world with her stunning hot black eyes; lovers go gaga over her lovely eyes and her viewers head out of hands.

• Vidya Balan: A Malyali woman born 1st January 1978, she’s made the entire world go along with her sexy and daring eyes from the film ‘The filthy picture’. She gave many powerful hits in many languages like Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam. Paa, Ishqiya and Kahaani are a few of her successful films where she’s contributed outstanding performances. Her stunning and smoky broad eyes have turned many heads from the Bollywood.